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Tim Sweeney

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  • Made Fortnite
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  • Clever
  • Single minded / Focused (has a purpose)
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"Your'e an default" - Tim Sweeney

The man who made Fortnite

Made Fortnite and he is good

Sweeney was raised in Potomac, Maryland, the youngest of three brothers. At a young age, he had become interested in tinkering with mechanical and electrical devices, and stated he had taken apart a lawnmower as early as 5 or 6, and later built his own go-kart. He became interested in arcade games when they began to become popular in the late 1970s, knowing that like the mechanics devices he took apart and repaired, there were those that had programmed the games in the machines. Though the family got an Atari 2600, Sweeney was not as interested in the games for that, outside of Adventure, and later said he had not played many video games in his life and very few to completion.When 11, Sweeney visited his older brother's new startup in California, where they had some of the first IBM Personal Computers. Sweeney spent the week there, learning BASIC and establishing his interest in programming; while he had had a Commodore 64 before, Sweeney was much more taken by how easy the IBM PC was to use. When his family got an Apple II, Sweeney began in earnest learning how to program on that, trying to make Adventure 2 in the spirit of the Atari 2600 game.Sweeney estimated that between the ages of 11 and 15, he spent over 10,000 hours teaching himself how to program using information on online bulletin boards, and completed several games, though never shared these with others. He also learned from his brothers concepts of entrepreneurship, making a good deal of money as a teenager by mowing lawns for wealthy residents in the area for half the price of professional services but far better than he was making at a local hardware store job.

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People liked him because he made fortnite

Was Tim Sweeney a Hero?

  • He made Fortnite

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Founder of Epic games
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