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Paul Ekman

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    • Brave / Courageous
    • Clever
    • Honest

    The man who is human lie detector

    Paul Ekman is the first man who discovered the facial micro-expression. He's not a great hero who have change the world of today. He's more someone who work in discretion. Thanks to his work it can help the FBI to arrest bad guys. He's clever and use it for make the good. He can detect any trace of lie: in voice, different body movements, facial expressions. He can sees everything !

    In his youth, before becoming a human lie detector, Paul Ekman went to his research in New-Guinea to observe people having an almost primitive culture to observe them. He discovered that some expression were universal. He work as a consultant for the FBI and learn to the new generation for uses his discoveries as much as possible. Now, I think that he's in retirement.

    Life in Paul Ekman's world

    Normal life, he's a human. But maybe he had a life a little bit more active than other because he rubs shoulders with killers and psychopaths.

    Was Paul Ekman a Hero?

    • Somehow he stops the killer
    • He contribute in a better world
    • He's more strong than a lie detector
    • He can save people
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