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Jean-Philippe Douin

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It's his place of birth


  • He was appointed lieutenant on 1 September 1962.
  • He was promoted to captain on 1 January 1968.
  • He became commander on 1 August 1974.
  • Lieutenant colonel on 1 August 1978.
  • He became colonel December 1, 1982.
  • He was appointed Air Commodore on 1 February 1988.
  • It becomes Air Vice February 1, 1991 and Air Marshal on 1 August 1992.
  • He was appointed Chief of Staff of the Air Force.
  • General Douin was appointed Chancellor of the Order of the Legion of Honour on the 4 june 1998.


  • Brave / Courageous
  • A good and strong leader
  • Clever
  • Perseverant / Tenacious (keeps going despite challenges)
  • Decisive
  • Determined
  • Ambitious

The man which was used to the french army

Jean-Philippe Douin was the chief of the Air Force from 1994 to 1995, chief of staff of the armies of september 9, 1995 to april 7, 1998 and Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor from 1998 to 2004.

Jean-Philippe Douin was a french military in the french air army. The 21 September 1961 he integrate the air army school where he lived during 2 years. He was promoted captain the 1 august 1974. He became chief flight on 1969, commander of the SPA 103 in 1970 and some time later received the Medal of Aeronautics in testimony to the personal research he pursued and which were to lead in 1980 to the development of the weapon system Mirage 2000. He was assigned to Mont-de-Marsan in 1972 then control the fighter squadron Normandie -Niemen 1/30 in 1974 at the airbase 112 Reims-Champagne. He became commander on August 1, 1974. Due to its technical capacity , he is responsible for test driving the new Mirage F1C , planned as air defense system, and has the mission to recreate the fighter squadron 3/5 Comtat venaissin in Orange in 1976, the Mirage F1B. Lieutenant colonel on 1 August 1978, it then follows a year of training at the School of Air War in 1981-82 and was assigned to the headquarters of the Tactical Air Force and the first air region of Metz. He was appointed Chief of Staff of the Air Force . A year later , on 9 September 1995 he succeeded Admiral Jacques Lanxade the post of Chief of Staff. During his career he has scored six thousand hours of flight. By presidential decree dated 4 June 1998, the General Douin was appointed Chancellor of the Order of the Legion of Honour. He is the first aviator to which assigned the highest responsibilities of Chancellor of the two major national orders , previously attributed to general officers of the Army and two admirals.Grand Cross of the two major national orders , he also holds numerous foreign decorations among the most prestigious. He is the author of the preface of Andre Damien , The chivalric orders and decorations , published in 2002. He died January 19, 2016 at the age of 75. His funeral took place on January 28 in the Saint- Louis des Invalides cathedral and is then buried in the family privacy , the cemetery of Mur-de-Sologne.

Life in Jean-Philippe Douin's world

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Was Jean-Philippe Douin a Hero?

  • He make something good for his country.
  • He formed many soldiers in the French army.
  • Il is recognized by everyone.
  • The French army has been rewarded for what he did.
  • He got state funeral.
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