History's HEROES? Dated August 26, 1743 - May 8, 1794

Antoine Henri Lavoisier

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He lived and make in this town


  • The discovery of Nitrogen and Hydrogene
  • The discovery of oxidation
  • The components of the air and water


  • Clever
  • Just and fair minded


"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" - Antoine Lavoisier

The man who revolutionized chemistry

Antoine Lavoisier was a famous and well know French chemist, economist and philosopher. He makes many works for study the shapes of the matter.

Antoine Lavoisier has conducted many experiments in order to find evidence about the various mysteries which concerned at the time the entire field of science. These discoveries are numerous: - The discovery of oxidation, - The components of the air and water, - Nitrogen and hydrogen. He mostly translated reactions in chemical equations that respect the law of conservation of matter. He has written a book which gives us much information about his inventions. But his findings were disputed by many chemists and revolutionaries. That is why he was condemned to death and beheaded during the French Revolution. He will remain one of the pioneers of chemical research about medicine. He has contributed to research on remedies against certain disease indirectly.

Life in Antoine Henri Lavoisier's world

The conditions at the time of the 18th century were difficult because scientists do not have the same knowledge today about the peculiarities of chemistry. They also had very little means to study various phenomena; in that period there was poverty and economic crisis.

Was Antoine Henri Lavoisier a Hero?

  • He revolutionized chemistry with his works
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