History's HEROES? Dated 1889 - 1977

Charlie Chaplin

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Became successful, began to direct his own films


  • Won the Oscar twice
  • Played in 350 films
  • Icon of the silent film era
  • Best known comedian of the 20th century


  • Clever
  • Single minded / Focused (has a purpose)
  • Inspiring / Charismatic
  • Determined
  • Ambitious


"~It takes courage to make a fool of yourself~" - Charlie Chaplin

"~ A day without laughter is a day wasted~" - Charlie Chaplin

The man who talked without words

He is known as an icon of the silent film era. His aim was to tell stories to people without using words, but only using pantomime and slapstick, and to make people laugh.

Charlie Chaplin was born in London and inherited his talent from his parents who both were working in the entertainment industry. After a not very happy childhood he began performing at the age of 8, six years later he was working as a pantomime actor and comedian. In America he became then very successful and began to direct his own black and white films and to produce the music for them. Until he died in Switzerland in 1977 Charlie Chaplin performed in more than 350 films. With his silent film comedies, he became famous until today and is known as one of the most influential actors in the 20th century.

Life in Charlie Chaplin's world

Charlie Chaplin was born in the Victorian period and the industrial revolution. During this time London's population grew rapidly, which led to major problems with overcrowding and poverty. Disease and early death were normal for rich and poor people. The poor children often had to work and earn money for the family. Only few people had running water and sanitation facilities; drunkenness and crime were everyday life. He also lived the First World War, the rise of the nationalism during the Second World War and the change to the modern times until his death in 1977.

Was Charlie Chaplin a Hero?

  • Was able to talk without words
  • Nobody else was able to make so many people laugh and cry, no matter which religion, language or nationality they had

Things you might not know about Charlie Chaplin

He wasn't only an actor and comedian, but he also directed also his own films and produced the music for them.
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