History's HEROES? Dated 22.09.1979 - still alive

Roberto Saviano

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His hometown


  • Wrote the book Gomorrah
  • Uncovered the intrigues of Camorra
  • David di Donatello award for the best script
  • European Film Award
  • His books has been translated in more than 50 languages i.a.Israel
  • Film Festival of Cannes (Grand Prix award)


  • Brave / Courageous
  • Clever
  • Perseverant / Tenacious (keeps going despite challenges)
  • Determined
  • Honest
  • Just and fair minded

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"'Often, people ask me how words can scare criminal organizations. To tell the truth, what produces fear are not the words, but rather those who read them, those who listen. The readers who want to understand the mechanisms are the real fear.'" - Roberto Saviano

"A national hero " - Umberto Eco

The man who uncovered the intregues of the Camorra

Roberto Saviano is an Italian writer and journalist. In his articles and writings he narrates the Story of the Camorra, the neapolitan mafia, exposing its territory and business connections.

Roberto Saviano was born in Naples in 1979. He graduated in Philosophy at the Federico II University of Naples. Since he was 20 years old he was interested in uncovering the doings of the Mafia in his city. On March 2006 his first novel 'Gomorrah' was published. It was translated in over 50 countries, becoming a bestseller by closing 10 million copies all over the world. Currently he collaborates with many magazines all around the world and assists TV Shows and is still active on the Internet, e.g. on his Website (link below)

Life in Roberto Saviano's world

In Naples the Mafia has a lot of power and controll. Everybody knows the details, but no one talks about it.

Was Roberto Saviano a Hero?

  • He dared to speak when all others didn't
  • Helped to arrest some of the neapolitan

Things you might not know about Roberto Saviano

The Italian Minister of the Interior, Giuliano Amato, has granted him a permanent police essort, since 2006, after a death threat by Camorra. In November 2008 he was invited by the Swedish Academy for Nobel Prize to hold a discourse on freedom of expression.
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