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History's HEROES? Dated 12 Jun1929 - March1945

Anne Frank

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Frankfurt am Main
Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main



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    The girl who died became a famouse writer.

    Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived hidden from the Nazi during World War II and wrote the famous diary called "The Diary of Anne Frank".

    Anne was born in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. Most of her life she lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1941 she and her family lost their citizenship, because they where Jews, and so they moved to Amsterdam. In May 1940 they were trapped in Amsterdam by the German occupation of the Netherlands. Becuse of the presecutations of the Jewish population the family lived hidden in some concealed rooms behind a book case in the building where Anne's faher, Otto Frank, worked. While living hidden, Anne wrote her famouse diary in which she wrote her thoughts and feelings about the war and also being isolated. In August 4th 1944, Anne and her family were betraded by an anonymous man. So her family and the their friends, which lived with them, were deported by the Nazis, in the conzentrationcamp Auschwitz. 1945 Anne died few weeks before liberation. Anne had always the big dream to become a fomouse writer. All members from the family died in the conzentratin camp, exept her father. In 1947 her father discoverd, while reading the diary of his dougther, that she always wanted to be a great writer. So in June of this year he decided to fullfill the last wish of his dougther. he published the diary, whitch is a important document from II World War.

    Life in Anne Frank's world

    - she was afraid about the Nazis - she was encaged, she couldn´t go outside for two and a half years -she was in puberty and fighted most of the time with her parents

    Was Anne Frank a Hero?


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