History's HEROES? Dated 02/11/1847 - 10/18/1931

Thomas Alva Edison

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Milan, Ohio
The place where he was born



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    American inventor. He created the incandescence light bulb

    Thomas Edison is an American inventor. He based one of the first industrial power, The General Electric. And he created the first incandescence light bulb. He is one of the inventor of the cinema.

    Thomas Alva Edison was born February , 11th 1847 in Milan, Ohio and died on October the 18th 1931 in West Orange,New Jersey. In 1868, he developed a transmitter- recipient telegraph. In 1874, he developped an teletypewritter. In 1876 he created a microphone but they steal this invention by Alexander Bell.

    Life in Thomas Alva Edison's world

    An industrial age

    Was Thomas Alva Edison a Hero?

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