History's HEROES? Dated 15th of August, 1769 – - 5th of May, 1821

Napoleon Bonaparte

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He ruled it, fought for it, and lived in it.



    • Brave / Courageous
    • A good and strong leader
    • Perseverant / Tenacious (keeps going despite challenges)
    • Decisive
    • Inspiring / Charismatic
    • Determined
    • Ambitious
    • Just and fair minded

    Guide of post-royal France

    Napoleon Bonaparte was a French general and leader who brought peace to post-royalty chaos and improved government workings. He conquered many places for France before being exiled for botching Waterloo.

    Napoleon Bonaparte was a legendary tactician for the French military. Born on Corsica, he showed his brilliance during the French Revolution. After that, he rose up the ranks, eventually naming himself emperor of France. After many a military victory, he eventually fell and was cast out in a failed takeover of Russia, especially the battle of Waterloo.

    Life in Napoleon Bonaparte's world

    France had reached its independence from royalty, yet did not know what to do. Napoleon came in and instated a law system, central bank, and government. He also did wonders for Paris, including improved roads, public places, and sanitation.

    Was Napoleon Bonaparte a Hero?

    Things you might not know about Napoleon Bonaparte

    He was not actually that short. People may say he was 5ft 2ins, but that was in French measurements. He was actually more like 5ft 7, an average height.
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