History's HEROES? Dated March 25, 1947 - Still alive

Elton John

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Max F


Pinner, Middlesex, England
Birthplace, beginning of musical career


  • One of the top songwriters of all time
  • Rock and Roll hall of fame
  • Openly gay
  • Knighthood
  • Multiple Oscar, Grammy, and Tony award winner
  • Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Disney Legends
  • Philanthropist, Gay Rights


  • Brave / Courageous
  • A good and strong leader
  • Good or moral (strong beliefs or principles)
  • Has integrity (stands up for what they believe and act accordingly)
  • Single minded / Focused (has a purpose)
  • Inspiring / Charismatic
  • Determined
  • Ambitious
  • Wise
  • Honest
  • Kind and compassionate
  • Just and fair minded

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Biography: Elton John


"I think performers are all show-offs anyway, especially musicians. Unless you show off, you\'re not going to get noticed." - Elton John

"Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours. " - Elton John

The man on a musical mission

Elton John brought people together through music. He became openly gay, and this pushed him into his musical craft.

Elton John is an amazingly talented and influential songwriter. At the age of three, he surprised his family and those around him when he managed to play The Skater's Waltz on the piano by ear. This was the spark of his musical career. Later in his lifetime, he was brought into knighthood and was given a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and also became the third most popular artist in history, only falling behind Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Throughout his lifetime, Elton wrote many influential songs alongside Bernie Taupin. These songs were an inspiration for many other music artists today. 

Life in Elton John's world

Elton John grew up simply. He grew up during difficult times and went through many challenges as a young gay man, which pushed him into his musical career. He found himself roaming through music, practicing what has today become his legacy. Back during Elton's time, if you were openly gay, you'd be harassed for it. But he stayed true to himself and found something to be proud of.

Was Elton John a Hero?

  • Inspired people through music
  • Nominated for and given countless awards
  • Mentor and collaborator in music industry
  • Remained true to himself
  • Honest and charitable
  • Phenomenal songwriter and pianist

Things you might not know about Elton John

Elton John was originally born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Later in his life, he was also brought into knighthood. Whats more, Elton became the godfather of Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon.
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