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Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa worked here for most of her life.


  • She won the Nobel Peace Prize.


  • Brave / Courageous
  • A good and strong leader
  • Clever
  • Wise
  • Honest

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A woman of the poor and helpless.

Mother Teresa was a nun who committed her life to serving the poor and the lepers of India.

Mother Teresa was a woman who first read about Jesuit works in India, and then went there herself. It was here that she first took her vows and became a nun. She taught at a school in Calcutta and took final vows to become Mother Superior of the school. In 1948 she left the school to work in the slums and to serve the poor. She opened the 'House of Dying'. She also opened children's homes and made mobile 'leprosariums' . In 1961, she bought land for a leper town. She won the Nobel peace prize and was relieved of Mother Superior in 1996.

Life in Mother Teresa's world

Life was a lot harder in her time because certain ethnic groups and people were not accepted in 'proper society'. Many people were out cast due to religion, skin color, and birth defects.

Was Mother Teresa a Hero?

  • She helped the poor in India and brought around awareness to lepers.

Things you might not know about Mother Teresa

After her father died in 1919 (possibly murdered), she became very active in the church and it was here that she first considered becoming a nun.
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