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Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson Biography


"l get mad, but i'll never let them know it." - Jackie Robinson

The man who changed sports forever

Jackie Robinson was the 1st African American in the major league, and he was still an amazing player even though people didn't want him there.

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the major league of baseball. Made advancement in the cause of civil rights for sports. His teammates on the Dodgers were rude to Jackie, and made mean comments and slurs to his race. But throughout the season, other teams and sometimes his teammates would threaten to sit out of the game just because Jackie was of other race. But even with all the mean comments he scored 12 home runs, had a .342 during his season and helped the promotion of the Dodgers. Jackie also became a spokesperson for civil rights and African Americans in sports. Over all Jackie had a lot of challenges to overcome but he's a very important hero in our history.

Life in Jackie Robinson's world

It was hard for Jackie because during this time, African Americans were not allowed to do the same things as whites.

Was Jackie Robinson a Hero?

  • Their a hero because he showed that he wasn't afraid to do what he loved just because other people didn't want him to.

Things you might not know about Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the youngest of 5 kids.
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