History's HEROES? Dated 5/24/1941 - N/A

Bob Dylan

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Duluth MN
He was born there.


  • Sold over 68 songs
  • Had everyone love them
  • Has 180 million dollars.


  • A good and strong leader
  • Clever
  • Inspiring / Charismatic
  • Ambitious
  • Kind and compassionate


" People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repeat. All I can do is be me, whoever that is. Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them. " - Bob Dylan

The man who introduced pop culture with music

Bob Dylan was a pop culture bringing hero! He was a person who brought hope and cool to the world. Sure he got hate but he also got fans. He is a really nice person and he was an insperation for many other "pop" cuture groups to come. He is still alive today and so just reconize how cool he was and ya!

Bob Dylan was a folk/ rock super star. He was a super star because he sold over 68 songs and that is amazing. He grew up in Duluth MN and thats where he learned that he wanted to become a musician. He was a supporter to everyone who wanted to be a fellow partner in the fine art of music.

Life in Bob Dylan's world

It was hard because sure he got love but he also got hate. This was bad because he didnt like hate. Not everyone does, but this was a sign that nobody liked his music. Luckily for him he had over half of the people who where people loved him. And the other like 40% did not but at this point in time this did not bother him because he had too many people who loved him.

Was Bob Dylan a Hero?

  • He gave hope for other musicians
  • He was super nice and caring
  • He cared about people
  • He was passionate about his music.

Things you might not know about Bob Dylan

He sold over 68 songs and there probably is more comming!
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