History's HEROES? Dated 1987 -

Philip Lester

Created by

Dan H


London, England
He makes the city a better place daily by just existing.



    • Brave / Courageous
    • A good and strong leader
    • Altruistic (puts other first e.g. risks or gives life for others)
    • Clever
    • Visionary (has far reaching ideas)
    • Good or moral (strong beliefs or principles)
    • Has integrity (stands up for what they believe and act accordingly)
    • Single minded / Focused (has a purpose)
    • Inspiring / Charismatic
    • Determined
    • Ambitious
    • Wise
    • Honest
    • Kind and compassionate
    • Just and fair minded

    The guy with the hair and the big heart.

    Phil makes life better for all of his fans as well as me. I'm his best friend and he makes me his biggest fan.

    Phil was born in Rawtenstall, United Kingdom. He grew up in Manchester, and soon became internet famous. He graduated with a Masters in Video Postproduction and Specialisation in Visual Effects. Phil moved to London with a friend of his - Dan Howell. He convinced said friend to start a YouTube channel and they both grew in popularity over the years. They were doing offered a radio show with BBC Radio One, and that became popular as well.

    Life in Philip Lester's world

    Same as today, since he is still alive, except that his world is so much happier than everyone else's.

    Was Philip Lester a Hero?

    Things you might not know about Philip Lester

    Phil leaves his socks everywhere and steals cereal and is still the best human alive.
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