History's HEROES? Dated 1971 -

Aaron Dontez Yates

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Kansas City, Missouri
Place of birth


  • Created his own record label
  • Won awards for his music
  • Over a dozen of tours with sold out shows


  • A good and strong leader

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The Real Tech N9ne

The #1 Independent rapper in the world

The world's #1 independent rapper. Stage name is Tech N9ne. Established his own record label, Strange Music, in 2000. Paving the way for countless other underground artists.

Was born on the 8th of November, 1971. Started rapping at a very young age. Adopted the name "Tek 9" because he rapped extremely fast but later changed to a deeper meaning: Tek changed to "Tech" as in technique and 9 switched to "N9ne" because Aaron believes nine is the number of completion. He switched to several different labels once he was noticed, but labels kept trying to control what he wrote and what he put out. Until 2000, when he finally teamed up with Travis O' Guin and established his very own record label, Strange Music. Now, Tech N9ne has 15 studio albums and is currently getting ready to release his newest work, Special Effects.

Life in Aaron Dontez Yates's world

Tech N9ne is only 43 years old. So most people know what his world is like.

Was Aaron Dontez Yates a Hero?

  • Thousands of people look up to him
  • Countless people say that his music helps them through bad times

Things you might not know about Aaron Dontez Yates

Tech N9ne grew up without a father and he lost his mother in June of 2014. He was also married and has 3 kids.
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