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Nigel Gresley

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Edinburgh, Scotland
One of Gresley's steam engines operates a train service between London and Edinburgh


  • The first steam engine to reach 100mph.
  • The world's fastest steam locomotive.
  • A new corridor tender for non stop running.
  • The biggest steam locomotive in the U.K.
  • The biggest passenger steam locomotive in the U.K.


  • Clever
  • Determined

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The man who developed 2 world's famous steam trains

He was a great locomotive designer.

Nigel Gresley worked as an apprentice at Crewe. He soon had lot of job positions and became a locomotive designer at London North Eastern Railway. He soon began to design some locomotives that became an everyday life improvement and achieve things that had never been earned. Gresley's locomotives were more efficient than previous locomotives and more powerful. Some of his locomotives earned world fame for the performance. His locomotive Mallard achieved a new world speed record that stands today.

Life in Nigel Gresley's world

Gresley's life was a world of British steam engines.

Was Nigel Gresley a Hero?

  • They changed the way British railways operate.
  • The Mallard opened a path for train designers.

Things you might not know about Nigel Gresley

Gresley's world's fastest steam locomotive A4 Mallard can be seen in the National Railway Museum in York today. Flying Scotsman who originally first achieved 100mph is the only surviving A3 locomotive to go to America and Australia.
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