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Muhammad Ali

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Louisville, Kentucky
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  • Won the champion heavyweight title 3 times.
  • Sometimes thought of as the best boxer of all time.
  • He is currently a social activist and philanthropist.


  • Brave / Courageous
  • Clever
  • Has integrity (stands up for what they believe and act accordingly)
  • Perseverant / Tenacious (keeps going despite challenges)
  • Inspiring / Charismatic
  • Determined
  • Ambitious


""It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves hit the sand, and I beat people up."" - Muhammad Ali

"Rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams. They all contain water. Just as religions do - They all contain truths." - Muhammad Ali

Greatest Boxer of All Time

Was the champion heavyweight boxer 3 times. Later, after he retired from boxing, he became a philanthropist and social activist.

In his younger years, Muhammad Ali was considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. He won the champion heavyweight boxer title 3 times, and participated in the golden age of boxing. During this time, he had his titles and boxing license taken away, due to refusing to be drafted into the army to fight in the Vietnam war. Later in his life, he became a philanthropist and social activist.

Life in Muhammad Ali's world

Life in Muhammad Ali's world at the time was very tough, especially for African Americans. In his time, they had very little rights and there was lots of racism.

Was Muhammad Ali a Hero?

  • Inspired many anti-Vietnam War people, including Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Called "Sportsman of the Century" by Sports Illustrated

Things you might not know about Muhammad Ali

He changed his name from Cassius Marcellus Clay.
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