History's HEROES? Dated Nov.8 1922 - Sep.2 2001

Christiaan Barnard

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Beaufort West in the Western Cape, South Africa
He Performed his heart transplant in Cape town



    • Brave / Courageous
    • A good and strong leader
    • Clever
    • Single minded / Focused (has a purpose)
    • Inspiring / Charismatic
    • Determined
    • Ambitious
    • Wise
    • Just and fair minded

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    " For a dying person, a transplant is not a difficult decision. If a lion chases you to a river filled with crocodiles, you will leap into the water convinced you have a chance to swim to the other side. But you would never accept such odds if there were no lion." - Christiaan Barnard

    The Man Who Performed a Double Heart Transplant

    Christiaan Barnard was born Nov.8 ,1922 in Beaufort West in the Cape. Chris performed the 1st heart transplant. Chris's brother died at age 5 of heart disease.

    Christiaan Barnard lived in Beaufort West in the Western Cape. His Father was a Church Pastor and his mother played the church organ. When Chris's brother was 5 he died of heart Disease. People say thats where he got his interest in cardiothoracic surgery. Him and his younger brother Marius decided to go to University of Cape Town. Chris worked hard in school. His family is not considered rich, He has to walk 5 miles to schools because he can't afford a closer house. In 1948 he married his 1st wife Aletta Louw and had two children Andre and Deirdre. Chris was a Family physician till 1951. Christiaan performed his surgery at a hospital in Cape Town. The heart that came for the ill man, came from a young women in a car accident. Her heart was kept alive by a lung-heart machine, it kept her blood circulating. When the heart was ready they replaced the bad heart with the healthy heart. The patient died 18 days later to extensive bilateral pneumonia.

    Life in Christiaan Barnard's world

    For South Africa the 1920's through 1930's the black vote decreased 3.1% to 1.4%. The residential growth took place is the 1920 through 1930. The made Chris and his family very excited to have new people in the neighborhood so he could have friends to play with. A new mall opened and made everyone excited so they could go shopping. The mall was called " Cavendish Square". Christiaan Barnard was that wealthy and had to walk 5 miles to school because they couldn't afford a closer house.

    Was Christiaan Barnard a Hero?

    Things you might not know about Christiaan Barnard

    Christiaan Barnard worked with a Russian Dr. that had grafted a second head for a dog.
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