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Robert E. Lee

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He lived in Virginia. He was proud of his state and his neighbors. He also led the Confederate Army of North Virginia



    • A good and strong leader
    • Clever
    • Decisive


    ""What a cruel thing war is... to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors."" - Robert E. Lee

    The man who cried tears of blood and fought for his neighbors.

    Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general during the Civil War. He did not agree with Confederate ideals, but he fought for his friends and neighbors.

    He was a general during many wars in the 1800's. He lived in Virginia and felt very deep love for his neighbors. In the Civil War, Virginia seceded from the Union for the right to practice slavery. Robert E. Lee believed that slavery was a bad thing, but he didn't want to fight against his neighbors. His leading as a general during the war helped save the lives of some of his neighbors. Lee had to make a tough decision during a time of war.

    Life in Robert E. Lee's world

    Politics was a big part of this time during the U.S. The Southern U.S. and the Northern U.S. had different views on many things. One of the main things was slavery. These political rifts caused the southern U.S. to secede, which caused war.

    Was Robert E. Lee a Hero?

    Things you might not know about Robert E. Lee

    He actually wanted to fight for the Union until one of his neighbor's children joined the confederate army.
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