History's HEROES? Dated 2/4/1913 - 10/5/2005

Rosa Parks

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They refused to move on the bus.


  • Noble Peace Price


  • Brave / Courageous
  • Decisive
  • Inspiring / Charismatic
  • Honest

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"If you can stand up for blacks you can stand up for children" - Rosa Parks

"Im not moving" - Rosa Parks

The girl who refused to move seats on the bus.

Rosa parks stood up for herself when someone asked her to move to the other side of the bus because she was black, Rosa said "No" and got kicked off the bus. She is my hero because she stood up for blacks.

In Rosas early years when she was born she had very poor health. Rosa attended a special private school that was created just for black people but she had to drop out to take care of her grandma. Rosa did not like the bus policies as a teen she also didn't like that black education was under funded. Thats when she started to hate the bus policies and refused to move from the bus because it was ridiculous

Life in Rosa Parks's world

Life was harsh for Rosa because back in the days when discriminating races were bad so she was treated harshly by citizens. Rosa also noticed that this world was a "Black and white world"

Was Rosa Parks a Hero?

  • She stood up for blacks

Things you might not know about Rosa Parks

Rosa died in Detroit and I don't think we all knew that, I suprised to find out she lived in Detroit.
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