History's HEROES? Dated November 7, 1867 - July 4 1934

Marie Curie

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She started her scientific training in Warsaw, she learned Warsaw's clandestine Floating University. She followed her sister to Bronisawa‚uska to get a higher degree in science.


  • First women to be a professor at the University of Paris.
  • First women the win a Nobel Prize.
  • Discovered two elements, polonium and radium
  • Invented techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes
  • Helped design the x-ray


  • A good and strong leader
  • Inspiring / Charismatic
  • Ambitious

Marie Curie a women scientist

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, she was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She was also the first woman to be a professor at the University of Paris.

A hero in her life was someone who worked hard, even if they were going through a hard time.

Life in Marie Curie's world

Marie Curie's life was hard as a child because her family lost property and fortunes. When she got older she married a man named Pierre Curie and they worked on science together. She was a scientist that discovered two elements, polonium and radium, she also invented techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes. She also discovered radiation that could kill human cells. During World War 1 she was sent to work with French builders and she helped design the x-ray. On July 4, 1934 she died from radiation poisoning, but she left a great legacy. She inspired women to get into science, and go for their dreams.

Was Marie Curie a Hero?

  • She inspired women to go after thier dreams
  • Poeple wanted her to achive at what she was doing.
  • Did greater things then any man ever did.

Things you might not know about Marie Curie

Marie Curie was killed from her own experiments. She was killed by too much exposure to radiation. Also known as radiation poisoning.
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