History's HEROES? Dated 1452 - 1519

Leonardo da Vinci

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Sam C


He was born here and started his art degree


  • Mona Lisa
  • Teaching
  • Inventing
  • Becoming well known


  • Clever

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"A day well spent brings happy sleep" - Leonardo da Vinci

The man who made people admire

Leonardo da Vinci was a artist who made some very amazing paintings and sculptures.

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist that spend most of his life painting and sculpting as well as making some very famous painting like the Mona Lisa.

Life in Leonardo da Vinci's world

His world was just right for him. He could paint as well as teach and make ideas for inventions.

Was Leonardo da Vinci a Hero?

  • Role model
  • Some one to look up to

Things you might not know about Leonardo da Vinci

He started his art career at age 5
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