History's HEROES? Dated June 6, 1912 - June 6, 1944

John J. Pinder

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Near Colleville-sur-Mer, France
He rescued vital equipment to establish a radio command post but was shot and killed


  • established a radio command
  • rescued vital equipment
  • key model for perseverance


  • Brave / Courageous
  • Determined

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World War 2 heroes

A WW2 hero who learned the true meaning of perseverance

John J. Pinder is a man who salvaged vital equipment and persevered through 3 bullet wounds and established a radio command but was still shot and killed. A true hero.

John J. Pinder, Jr was born June 6, 1912 in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and grew up there. He then went and played baseball for a while and quickly rose in skill level until he was recruited into the army as a technician, in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Through the ranks John Pinder sped. After a short time he was a technician 5th grade, which is pretty good for a baseball player. When he got to the landing point which is near Colleville-sur-Mer, France, he was automatically afraid of getting shot so when he landed 100 yard off shore under insane machine gun, and artillery fire causing severe casualties among the boatload. Carrying a vitally important radio he struggled towards shore in waist deep water, only a few feet away from his craft he was shot and mortally wounded. John Pinder never stopped. He made it to shore and delivered the radio but refused to take cover or accept medical treatment for his wounds. Although he was in severe pain and weak from the loss of blood he fights on. On three different occasions he ran out to the fire swept coastline to salvage communication equipment, but on his 3rd trip he was hit again and suffered severe machine gun wounds in his legs. He recovered lots of vital equipment including another workable radio. John Pinder never stopped he never stopped his work and continued to work until he aided in establishing a radio command. For the third and final time John J. Pinder was shot and killed. His indisputable heroic deed earned him a medal of honor and the purple heart to his name.

Life in John J. Pinder's world

His life was very chaotic and he really had to fight on. Through his pain and injuries he was one of the most brave soldiers in the world at the time.

Was John J. Pinder a Hero?

  • They may have saved hundreds of live but he will never live to hear it.

Things you might not know about John J. Pinder

He reached the semi pro leagues in baseball for the Yankees farm club.
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