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Simon Weston

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  • Raised money to support others
  • Overcame terrible injuries
  • Is patron to several charities


  • Brave / Courageous
  • Altruistic (puts other first e.g. risks or gives life for others)
  • Visionary (has far reaching ideas)
  • Inspiring / Charismatic
  • Determined

Brilliant, brave and benevolent - not a superhero but a real life hero.

Simon Weston suffered terrible injuries but managed to rebuild his life.

Simon Weston was born on 8th August 1961 in Caerphilly, Wales. He was brought up in Singapore and Wales by his mother and step-father. He has one older sister and two step-brothers. Simon joined the Welsh Guards in 1978. When he was only 20 years old he had bad news. He was in a pub with his mates when he noticed his name had been called out. He was selected to go to the Falklands and go to war.

In 1981 he was transported to the Falklands. However, while there, his commanding officers kept making bad decisions, keeping Simon and his colleagues in one place for too long for a time. So, in June 1982, he and others were told to board the Sir Galahad, in Port Pleasant. However, the next few horrifying events weren't so pleasant. The Sir Galahad had a large number of bombs, gunpowder, ammunition, weapons, petrol, diesel and vehicles on board, making it an easy target for Argentine bombers. So consequently, during the Bluff Cove bombings, the Sir Galahad was hit by an Argentine pilot. The explosion was devastating! Simon said in an interview, "There were bodies everywhere. There was one man who was pinned to a wall and burnt to death." Simon also mentioned that he tried to save someone; however, he died in his arms. Out of his platoon of 30 men, 22 died. However, a further 48 men from the Welsh Guard were killed aboard the Sir Galahad alone. 97 men were critically wounded.

Simon suffered 46% burns to his body - his face was so barely recognisable that his own mother didn't recognise him! When he was brought into hospital, his mother said, "Oh, look at that poor boy!" not knowing who he was until Simon called out, "Mam - it's me!". As soon as she recognised his voice she almost fainted. During the course of about five years Simon had seventy major operations. They had to use skin from his shoulder to rebuild his eyelids. Simon suffered psychological trauma, causing him to drink heavily and become suicidal.

In 1986 he undertook his first good will tour, to Australasia. Simon also donated to the children's burns unit, making him feel useful again. He has become patron of many charities that support people living with disfigurement. Exactly seven years after the attack on the Sir Galahad, Simon got engaged to Lucy. They married on 12th May 1990 and now live in Cardiff with their three children - James, Stuart and Caitlin.

Life in Simon Weston's world

Simon Weston's injuries happened during the war with Argentina over the Falkland islands.

Was Simon Weston a Hero?

  • Forgave the person who injured him
  • Overcame terrible injuries
  • Works to help others

Things you might not know about Simon Weston

Simon met and became friends with Carolos Cachon, the Argentine pilot who dropped the bomb which caused Simon's injuries.
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