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Alan Turing
by Evie May Macgregor

The man who figured out the enigma

Date Name (ordered by name)
Aaron Dontez Yates
by Tevia

The #1 Independent rapper in the world

1971 –
Abraham Lincoln
by Samuel

The man who freed slaves in U.S.A

1809 – 1865
Abraham Lincoln
by Andrew

A role as a savior of the Union and emancipator of the slaves creates a legacy that endures.

1809 – 1865
Abraham Lincoln
by Benji

The man who stopped slavery in the US

1809 – 1865
Abraham Lincoln
by John C

The man who freed the slaves in the US

feb 12 1801 – apr 15 1865
Agustín Nieto Caballero
by Juan MC

The man who created the best school

1889 – 1975
Agustín Nieto Caballero
by Manuel B

He believed in the students and the teachers like a community.

1881 – 1975
Alan Turing
by Owen YT

Solved the Enigma in WWII

1912 – 1942
Alan Turing
by Evie May Macgregor

The man who figured out the enigma

23rd of june 1912 – 7th of june 1954
1879 – 1955
Albert Espinosa
by Lucia D.B.

The writer who gave hope to thousands of cancer patients by publishing his own life story

1973 –
Alexander the Great
by James D

King who never lost

July 356 BC – June 326 BC
Andy Biersack
by DJ

The man who saved lives with his words and music

Dec.27,1990 – Still alive
June 4 1975 –
Anne Frank
by Elena

The girl who died became a famouse writer.

12 Jun1929 – March1945
Anne Frank
by Anna

A young Jewish girl, who, during the Holocaust, went into hiding in a secret annex with her family.

June 12th, 1929 – 1945
Anne Frank
by Megan

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived hidden from the Nazi during World War II and wrote the famous diary called "The Diary of Anne Frank".

1929 – 1945
Anne Frank
by Sabrina

The girl who is a young writer during the seconde world war.

1929 – 1945
Anthony Benezet
by Dee

A tireless campaigner for equality and justice

1713 – 1784
Antoine Henri Lavoisier
by Kloey

The man who revolutionized chemistry

August 26, 1743 – May 8, 1794
Antoinette Tuff
by Chelsea

Stopped a school massacre

1967 –
by Logan

The man who advanced our knowledge of science and math

circa 287 BC – circa 212 BC
Arthur Ashe
by Sophie

Historical Hero

July 10, 1943 – February 6, 1993
Ashley Jordon
by Emma and Janna

1994 –
Barack Obama
by Audrey G

44th President of the United States

04/08/1961 –
Bear Grylls
by Nekkach and Vieubled

He made a TV show on survival (adventurer)

1974 – alive
Bear Grylls
by Benjamin F

The man who had never surrender !

7/6/1974 –
Benjamin Franklin
by Colin

The American Boss

17January 1706 – 17 April 1790
Betty Friedan
by Brynna

The woman who worked to diminish gender roles.

February 4th, 1921 – February 4th, 2006
Beyonce Knowles.
by Marie S

An American singer and actress.

1981 – /
Bill Gates
by John-Clair

The richest man of the 20th century

1955 – e.g.
Bill Gates
by Brian C

1955 – Alive
Bill Nye
by Jaida

Bill Nye the Science Guy

November 27th, 1955 –
Bob Dylan
by Ellie

The man who introduced pop culture with music

5/24/1941 – N/A
Bob Ross
by Wilbur H

A great painter

29 october 1942 – 4 July 1995
by Lucie S

The leadsinger of the rock band U2

10th May 1960 – /
Catherine Ibargüen
by Juan C

She won the gold medal in Rio 2016.

February 12 in 1984. –
by Thomas and Killian

Charlemagne created a school

742 – 814
Charlie Chaplin
by Jana

The man who talked without words

1889 – 1977
Charlie Nagreen
by Morbierrpz

He will have invented the best dish of the galaxy.

1870 – 1951
Chesley Sullenberger
by Billy

Saved 155 people from a plane crash

1951 –
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
by Mandakini

The Great King of Maratha also a Founder of Indian Navy

1627 – 1680
Christiaan Barnard
by Sarah

The Man Who Performed a Double Heart Transplant

Nov.8 1922 – Sep.2 2001
Cillian "The Grey Saint" O'Farrell
by Ethan Uwu

The Man Who Ended The Great Famine of 1845

1792 – 1875
by Zoe

The woman who ruled Egypt

69 B.C – 30 B.C
Cleopatra VII Philopator
by Kenzi

The great mistress and Pharaoh of Egypt

69 B.C. – August 12, 30 B.C.
Colin Keapernick
by Efram

A racial leader who uses his power for good.

1987 –
Confucius (Kong Qui)
by Stella

The Chinese philosopher whose work changed the ancient state of China.

551 BC – 471 BC
by Christian T

famous children's book writer

1904 – 1991
1904 – 1991
Drew Brees
by Tommy C

Best Quarterback of all time.

January 15, 1979 – Still living
Dylan Ray Conner
by Cooper I

The boy who never stopped believing

2001 –
Edson Arantes
by Juan M

The man who won more than 5 Balon D' Or

23-10-40 – -
Eichiiro Oda
by Solal C

The man who wrote the best manga of the world

1975 – Alive
Eisaku Sato
by Noah T

Historical Heroes

March 27, 1901 – June 3 1975
Eliot Ness
by TitanicObsessed

The man who brought down the most infamous and deadly gangster in the world.

April 19th, 1903 – May 16th, 1957
Eliya Pascal
by Ortance

He was the best friend to every soul, thought about people and God and educated them about the life after earth.

11-20-1997 – 06-29-2013
Elton John
by Max F

The man on a musical mission

March 25, 1947 – Still alive
Emma Watson
by LÃonor.B

The actress who fights against injustices.

15/04/1990 –
Ettore Bugatti
by Aaron S

The man who invented the Bugatti

1881 – 1947
Fernando Alonso
by Lucas

He is a Spanish Formula One racing driver and a double World Champion

1987 –
Florence Nightengale
by Justine B-S

An amazing woman.

May 12th 1820 – August 13th 1920
Florence Nightingale
by Isobel & Anna

Famous for her work in the military hospitals.

1820 – 1910
Florence Nightingale
by Verity F

A famous English nurse who healed wounded soldiers

12/05/1820 – 13/08/1910
May 12, 1820 – August 13, 1910
Florence Nightingale
by Unicorns

Was a nurse during the Crimean war. Helped wounded soldiers.

12/05/1820 – 13/08/1910
Francis Drake
by Sorayah

Sailed around the world and brought back potatoes, spices and jewels

1540 – 1596
Frank Levingston
by 2715TK

The vet that lived his life to the peak

11/13/1905 – 5/3/2016
Frederick Douglass
by Mj Atendido

The man who educated slaves, and escaped from slavery.

1818 – 1895
Frederick Douglass
by Ben L

A man that helped end slavery

1818 – 1895
Frederick Douglass
by Jett R

Helped abolish slavery.

Feb 18 1818 – Feb 20 1895
Frederick Douglass
by Alex T


Feb 1818 – Feb 20 1895
Frederick Douglass
by Nico L

African American Orator Who Shaped the Civil War

1818 – 1895
Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann
by Tristin Rieman

German mathematician whose profound and novel approaches to the study of geometry laid the mathematical foundation for Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.

1826 – 1866
George Walton Lucas.
by Santiago A

The one who created the best movies in his times.

14/3/1944 –
George Washington
by Jakob P

The First President of our country

February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1779
George Washington
by Sabine

The First President

February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799
George Washington
by Camilo V

People called him the father of the country

22/02/1732 – 14/12/1799
Giovanni Falcone
by M D'Agostino

The magistrate who sacrificed his life fighting against Mafia.

1939 – 1992
Greta Thurnberg
by Leygues Couffignal VL

The girl who is trying to save the planet and inspired World Climate Strike

2003 –
June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1986
Helen Keller
by Megan K

The first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelors degree of the art's

June 27, 1880. – June 1, 1968
Helen Keller
by Virginia

The determined, disabled woman

June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968
Helen Keller
by Rachel P

The woman who was deaf and blind

1880 – 1968
Helen Keller
by Emma

June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968
Helen Keller
by Helen

The Girl with the mind for Education

June 27,1880 – June 1, 1968
Hellen Keller
by Sophie

The woman who overcame being blind and deaf to become a great public speaker

1880 – 1968
Hellen Keller
by Graham G

The first deaf-blind person.

June 27,1880 – June 1, 1986
Henry Dunant
by Michael

Inspired the creation of the International Committee of the Red Cross

1828 – 1910
Henry Dunant
by Anonym Girl

The founder of the International Red Cross

1828 – 1910
Irena Sendler
by Marin

The forgotten heroine of WWII

1910 – 2008
Irena Sendler
by Irena

Died age 98

1910 – 2008
Jackie Robinson
by Skittles

He was the First African American Baseball Player.

1 / 31/ 1919 – 10 / 24 / 72
Jackie Robinson
by Christian B

The first Black man to play in the MLB

1919 – 1972
Jackie Robinson
by Madison

The man you changed the face of sports

1/31/1919 – 10/24/1972
Jackie Robinson
by OG Bobby

The man who broke the color line in the baseball

1/31/1919 – 10/24/1972
Jackie Robinson
by Amanda L

The first colored major league baseball player

1/31/1919 – 10/24/1972
Jackie Robinson
by Danica M

The man who changed sports forever

1919 – 1972
Jackie Robinson
by Jacob C

The first black Major League Baseball player

January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972
Jackie Robinson
by Billy J

The best player ever

1919 – 1972
Jacques Cartier
by Game4sss

The man who explored part of Canada and was French

December 31, 1491 – September 1, 1557
James Wan
by ShÃrazad and Isma

The man who created a lot of movies

1977 –
Jane Austen
by Zoe

Famous English writer

1775 – 1817
Jane Goodall
by Laura

She protects the wildlife and animals welfare

3 april 1934 –
Jean-Philippe Douin
by Tristan J

The man which was used to the french army

1940 – 2016
Jim Henson
by Conan E

The man who made millions of people happy

Septemer 24 1936 – May 16 1990
Joan of Arc
by Joan

Maid of Orleans

1412 – May 30, 1431
Joan of Arc
by Johan

A farmer who managed the army against English

1412 – 1431
Joan of Arc
by Alexis

This girl is on fire

1412 – 1431
Joan of Arc (Jehanne De Arc)
by Bella

The Maid of Orleans

1412 – May 30, 1431
Joanne Rowling
by Canary

The women who did the best she could with the talent she had

1965 – /
John Finn
by James H

The only US Navy Aviation Ordnanceman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor

7/23/1909 – 5/27/2010
John J. Pinder
by Jack

A WW2 hero who learned the true meaning of perseverance

June 6, 1912 – June 6, 1944
John Lennon
by Samuel

One of the founding members of the rock band The Beatles.

October 9th, 1940 – December 8th, 1980
John Lennon
by Madi

A Beatle. No, not the bug.

10/9/1940 – 12/8/1980
John lennon
by Hemery

Founding of pacifist movement

9/10/1940 – 8/12/1980
John Locke
by Sophie E

The famous philosopher who came up with the philosophy that "the power is in the people."

8/29/1632 – 10/28/1704
Jon Bon Jovi
by JGrubes

Rock vocalist and charity worker

March 2 1962 –
Jon Foreman
by Ethan N

Frontman of Switchfoot

1976 –
Jonah Lomu

A rugby legend

May 12th 1975 – November 18th 2015
Jonnie Peacock
by Olivia A

Lost his leg at age 5

28 May 1993 –
Jordon Ashley
by Emma and Janna

1994 –
Julius Caesar
by Zeyu L

Julius Caesar is arguably the most famous and successful Roman statesman and general in history and was the one who led the Rome's army in numerous victorious battles that expanded its territory.

100 – 44
Karl Benz
by Tyner G

The man who invented the first motorvehicle

1844 – 1929
Katie Davis
by Kenzie R

Missionary in Uganda who adopted 13 kids, and helps support many more.

11-1-89 – n/a
Katy Perry
by Aaliyah G

One that is trying to make life better

1984 October 25 – Still alive
by Waranga

The man who revolutionized the electro music

1991 –
Leonardo da Vinci
by Sam C

The man who made people admire

1452 – 1519
Leonardo Da Vinci
by xavier

The man who never stopped dreaming

April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519
Leonardo da Vinci
by Keel

Renaissance Man

April 1452 – May 1519
Leonardo Da Vinci
by Ruz T

A man which is one of the greatest painters of all time

1452 – 1519
Leonardo daVinci
by Laurel

One of the most diversely talented individuals ever to have live

1452 – 1519
11/11/1974 –
Lionel Messi
by Shotman

The man who won 5 Golden Balls

7/24/1987 –
Lionel Messi
by Brady

Worlds best soccer player.

June 24, 1987 –
Lionel Tertis
by Riley

Famous viola playing

December 29, 1876 – February 22, 1975
Luc Abalo
by Charly P

The Flying man

6 September 1984 – Never
Lucy Burns
by Historical Heroes

A hero who fought for women's suffrage

1879 – 1966
M. Shadows
by Yael

The singer of the band Avenged Sevenfold

July 31, 1981 –
by Jeananas

The best rapper of the world

1983 –
Mahatma Gandhi
by Aubrey

The man who fought with peace

10/2/1869 – 1/30/1948
Mahatma Gandhi
by SM

The man that gave India Independence

1869 – 1948
Mahatma Gandhi
by Dahlia

Preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India.

Oct, 2,1869 – Jan, 30,1948
Mahatma Gandhi
by Emma H

1896 – 1984
Mahatma Ghandi
by Reed

The wonderful man who gave people hope against discrimination.

1869 – 1948
by Ambre

A courageous girl

12 July 1997 –
Malala Yousafzai
by Nathan

A 16 year old who stood up to the Taliban

1997 –
Malala Yousafzai
by Daniel G

The girl that fights for children rights.

12/07/1997 –
Malcolm X
by Mo

Muslim Black Activist

1925 – 1965
Malcom x
by Joshua Parker

The man of the rights

May 19 1925 – February 21 1965
Margaret Thatcher
by Manon et Laure

She was a british Prime Minister.

13 october 1925 – 8 april 2013
Maria Theresia of Austria
by Anna Lena

The ruler who helped the poor ones

1717 – 1780
Marie Curie
by Trinity

Marie Curie a women scientist

November 7, 1867 – July 4 1934
Marie Curie
by Erik

The woman who discovered radiation.

Nov 7, 1867 – July 4, 1934
Marilyn Monroe
by Faith

The girl who's beauty took the world by storm

June 1st, 1926 – August 5th. 1962
Marilyn Monroe
by Xenia H

The strongest & most determined woman in Hollywood

June 1st, 1926 – August 5th. 1962
Martin Luther King
by Jaime S

He makes the "I had a dream" speech.

January 15th 1929 – April 4th 1968
Martin Luther King
by History ace

The man who had a dream

1929 – 1968
Martin Luther King
by Isabella

The man who changed lives of people forever

1929 – 1968
Martin Luther King
by Isorette

His speech in which he speaks about equality of each.

15/01/1929 – 04/04/1968
Martin Luther King jr.
by Max G

The man who helped black rights

January 15th 1929 – April 4th 1968
Martin Luther King Jr.
by Emily F

The man who had a dream

January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968
Martin Luther King Jr.
by John

The man who created the Civil Rights Movement

1929 – 1968
Martin Luther King Jr.
by Johanna

The man who stood up for equality

5th January 1929 – 1968
Mesut Ozil
by Will B

The King of Assists

15/10/89 –
Michael Jackson
by Anas


1958 – 2009
by JFS

The Greatest Artist of The Italian Renaissance

March 6,1475 – February 18,1564
Mike Trout
by Nathan F

He won 2 All Star MVP. Has hit for cycle. Won rookie of year and AL MVP.

1991 – Alive
Mother Teresa
by Conail S

A woman of the poor and helpless.

8/26/1910 – 9/5/1997
Mother Teresa
by Ava

The nun who helped the world become a better place

August 26th, 1910 – September 5th, 1997
Mother Teresa
by Marie

The sixth woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize

1910 – 1997
Mr Muller
by Taratatami

The most talented piano teacher

1940 –
Muhammad Ali
by Blaise T

Greatest Boxer of All Time

1942 – Still living
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
by Hadiya

The man who served as a lawyer,politician and gave freedom to his fellowmen

25-12-1876 – 11-9-1948
Muhammad Ali Johar
by Arshad M

The man who pressurized British Government to leave and divide India

1878 – 1931
Napoleon Bonaparte
by Edward

Guide of post-royal France

15th of August, 1769 – – 5th of May, 1821
Napoleon Bonaparte
by Alextin

" The best way to keep his word is never to give . "

15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821
Nathan B. Stubblefield de Murray
by meriem

The first man who invented the wireless phone

1860 – 1928
Nathan Hale
by Nathan

The sneaking soldier

June 6, 1755 – September 22, 1776
Nathan Hale
by Rebekah

The man who was hung for spying.

1755 – 1776
Neil Armstrong
by Franziska K

'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.'

1930 – 2012
Neil deGrasse Tyson
by Gregorio P

Famous astrophysicist ,that has hosted many famous science shows.

5/10/1958 –
Nelson Mandela
by Lilly

The man who showed perserverance and became a great hero.

July 18, 1918 – December 5, 2013
Nelson Mandela
by Dave

The first black president of South Africa

7/18/1918 – 12/5/2013
Nelson Mandela
by Simon

The man who abolished the apartheid

18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013
Nelson Mandela
by youcef

he fought against the apparteid

1918 – 2013
Nelson Mandela
by Tyler

The man who campaigned for equality and changed a nation for the better.

7-18-1918 – 12-5-2013
Nelson Mandela
by Cailin

The Man Who Changed South Africa

7/18/1918 – 12/5/2015
Nelson Mandela
by Gia

The man that fought

1918 – 2013
Nelson Mandela
by Carwyn

An important figure in the ending of racism against blacks.

1918 – 2013
Nelson Mandela
by Jordyn

A voice of equality

July 18th, 1918 – December 5th, 2013
Nelson Mandela
by May N

The first black president of South Africa

July 18, 1918 – December 5, 2013
Nelson Mandela
by Megan W

The man who stood up for black people rights

1918 – 2013
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
by Anna

Liberated South Africa.

18/07/18 – 05/12/13
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
by Nicole N

The man who wouldn't stop fighting for equality

7/18/18 – 12/5/13
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

The first black president of South Africa

July 18, 1918 – December 5, 2013
Neville Chamberlain
by Gemma M

The man behind 'Peace in our time'

1869 – 1940
Niall Horan
by Shannon B

The guy that makes every girl scream with excitment

13/9/93 –
Nigel Gresley
by Michael T

The man who developed 2 world's famous steam trains

1876 – 1941
Nikola Tesla
by Alex

The inventor of of alternating current

7/10/1856 – 1/7/1943
Noor Inayat Khan
by Elise

Went to France in the middle of the war

1924 – 13 September
Noor Inayat Khan
by Sallymay

The woman who risked her life

2 January 1914 – September 12 or13
Norman Borlaug
by Elninio

The man who fed the world

March 25, 1914 – September 12, 2009
Oskar Schindler
by Clara

The man who saved over 1000 Jews during the National Socialism in Germany.

28th April 1908 – 9th October 1974
Patrick Connolly
by Guy John DeRosa

Patrick Connolly the man with 300 subscribers.

2005 – still alive
Paul Ekman
by K.J

The man who is human lie detector

February 15 – -
Paul Walker (Brian O'Connor)
by Christopher M

The man that played in 6 in a half fast and furious movies

1973 – 2013
by CoolKid

23/10/1940 –
Pete Seeger
by Pete

All his life he supported justice and peace, environmental sanity and education, and I was lucky to know him. Perhaps the only living saint I ever met.

1919 – 2014
Philip Lester
by Dan H

The guy with the hair and the big heart.

1987 –
by Jacy E

A Native American girl who saved John Smith, a colonist.

1595 – 1617
Pope Francis
by Corinna P

Brings a message and changes the Church. He describes himself just as 'a normal people'.

1936 –
Queen Victoria
by Liv

Queen of England from 1838-1901

1819 – 1901
Ralph Nader
by John

A man acting

Febuary 27, 1934 – Still Alive(81 years old)
Robert E. Lee
by Bobbi

The man who cried tears of blood and fought for his neighbors.

01/19/1807 – 10/12/1870
Robert Kett
by Matt C

Hero of the common people

1500? – 1549
Roberto Saviano
by elllsooo

The man who uncovered the intregues of the Camorra

22.09.1979 – still alive
Roger Bushell
by N Raphael

The leader of the Great Escape

20th August 1910 – 29th March 1944
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks
by Alyssa

The woman who wouldn't give up her seat

2/4/1913 – 10/24/2005
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks
by Maxime and Yohan

The girl who refused to stand up in front of a white man

1913 – 2005
Rosa Louise Parks
by Martin

The woman who fought against racial segregation.

04.02.1913 – 24.10.2005
Rosa Parks
by Rayan

Sitting Down To Stand Up

1913 – 2005
Rosa Parks
by Mac

The girl who refused to move seats on the bus.

2/4/1913 – 10/5/2005
Rosa Parks
by GG

A woman who stood up for black rights

2/4/19/1913 – 10/4/2005
Rosa Parks
by Sophie

A woman who stood up against segregation

1913 – 2005
Rosa Parks
by Benjamin

The woman who has never surrender

1913 – 2005
Ruby Bridges
by rk1235

First Black Child to go to an all white school

1954 – alive
Serena Williams
by Sylvie

Champion Tennis Player

Sept 26, 1981 – N/A
Simon Weston
by Angus

Brilliant, brave and benevolent - not a superhero but a real life hero.

1961 –
Simon Weston
by Caitlin

A man who persevered in the most difficult of situations

1861 –
Simone Segouin
by Alizee

Simone Segouin captured 25 soldiers German at only 18 years of age, in 1944

1925 –
Simone Veil
by louise D

Legalisation of abortion

1927 –
Sophie Delezio
by Bec H

Survived two horrific car accidents

2001 –
Sophie Magdalena Scholl
by Maggie

Fought against the Nazi-regime and was active within the White Rose.

1921 – 1943
Sophie Scholl
by Vera H

The girl with the white rose

9.05.1921 – 22.02.1943
Sophie Scholl
by Fabio B

The woman who preferred sacrifice for humanity to an inhuman life

1921 – 1943
Spencer Stone

The man who survived

1992 –
Stan Lee
by Stephen Ruckman

The man that left a legacy of heroes

1922 – 2018
Stephen Curry
by Zach

He can shoot awesome three pointers!

March 14, 1988 – N/A
Stephen Sutton
by Milllie

An inspiration to all

1994 – 2014
Stephen Sutton
by Christian

Turned his bad situation into helping others

1994 –
Stephen Sutton
by Nia

A man who gave to others

1994 – 2014
Steve Prefontaine
by Lane Kolb

The man who change the running world forever

Jan. 25, 1951 – May 30, 1975
Steven Paul Jobs
by Zuzana

He was an American technology entrepreneur, visionary and inventor.

24 february 1955 – 5 october2011
Susan B. Anthony
by Sevi M

The Woman who Kept Fighting for her Beliefs

Feb 15, 1820 – Mar 13, 1906
Teddy Roosevelt
by Aidan J

The 26th president of the U.S.A

October 27 1858 – January 6 1919
Terry Fox
by Jeff M

The Marathon of Hope

1958 – 1981
The Scholl siblings
by Kathy

The ones who were executed because of their non-violent resistence agains the Nazi regime

1918/21 – 1943
Theodore Roosevelt
by Grace

26th President of the United States

October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919
This name is Chris Kyle
by Soen S

Chris Kyle is a best americain sniper

08/04/1974 – 02/02/2013
Thomas Alva Edison
by Axel

American inventor. He created the incandescence light bulb

02/11/1847 – 10/18/1931
Thomas Andrews
by TitanicObsessed

The man who changed life at sea.

1873 – 1912
April 1786 – 1845
Tim Sweeney
by Jeff

The man who made Fortnite

1970 – still alive
Valentino Rossi
by Justin B

The man who won 9 world championships allias

16/02/1979 –
Vasili Arkhipov
by Ronald S

Saved the world from World War III, 1962

1926 – 1998
by Anthime M

The First great leader of gallics

-80 – -46
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
by Mihir Mahagaonkar

Indian freedom fighter

1883 – 1966
Vincent van Gogh
by R. Short

Famous Painter/Historical Hero

1853 – 1890
Vincent Van Gogh
by Ayumu S

The artist who lost his mind to the passion of art

30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890
Walt Disney
by Matthew F

The man who created Disney

December 5, 1901 – December 15, 1966
Walt Disney
by Michelle

A man who made lots of money for his work.

December 5, 1901 – December 15, 1966
Walt Disney
by Nichole H

The creator of the happiest place on earth

1901 – 1966
Walt Disney
by Jannah M

The man who made Disney possible

12/5/1901 – 12/15/1966
Walter Elias Disney

The guy who start cartoons.

1901 – 1966
Walter Elias Disney
by Jacques

The man who made you dream!

1901 – 1966
William Tecumseh Sherman
by Ann

Union Army General

1820 – 1891
Willie Blind Johnson
by Yann N

The caricature of a bluesman

1897 – 1945
Winston Churchill
by Erik H

A British politician, best known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the Second World War

30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965
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