History's HEROES?

What is a hero? section

What is a hero? section

What Makes a Hero?

There are two factors that lead to people acting heroically:

  • The circumstances they find themselves in
  • How they react to these circumtances (i.e. the characteristics of the person involved) 

What is it about certain situations which make certain people do great deeds, when otherwise they would have continued their normal lives? Why do certain people act in a 'heroic manner' when faced with these situations,? Do 'heroes' possess any specific characteristics?

What Circumstances Make Heroes?

Many of the heroes listed in this website were ordinary people, living ordinary lives - when suddenly they found themselves in circumstances which needed them to act heroically. What circumstances make heroes? 

What Characteristics Do You Need to be a Hero?

There are a number of characteristics that are commonly associated with 'heroes'. Not all may apply to all heroes. This activity gives you the chance to decide.

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