History's HEROES?

What is a hero? section

Balloon Debate Activity

The Debate

You must choose the hero from the site who has made the greatest contribution to the world. You do not have to include all the heroes, you could pick between four or six from the site.

Use the PDF planning sheet to research (individually or in groups) one of the heroes selected, ensure all heroes are represented. By researching your hero, you will be able to decide just how heroic they are. You will then put forward reasons why your chosen hero should be the one to stay in the "heroic balloon".

Other students may offer challenges to the case, if they wish.

When all the heroes have had their turn, you can vote on the heroes to decide which one will be saved.

The Alternative Debate

This follows the format of the previous activity, except the you make your arguments in the role of your chosen hero. The drama element may add some fun to the debate and help you to understand your hero better.


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