History's HEROES?

What is a hero? section

Build Your Own Hero

Build Your Own Hero

So what do you mean by 'hero'? What would a hero look like? How would he or she behave and act?

About the activity 

  • This activity starts with with a drag and drop task. On the left of the screen you will find different heads, bodies, limbs etc. Your can scroll up and down to get more in each category. Drag the ones you want to the picture screen. If you want to change any, just drag the new one in its place.
  • When you have finished, put the name of your hero in the box on the bottom right and click "submit your hero".
  • You will then have the chance to choose your hero's characteristics
  • There's then a short quiz about some of the Heroes listed in the site.
  • Finally, you have the chance to refine your ideas about your hero and to tell us a little about what you think they would have done.

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