History's HEROES?

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Hero or Villain? Activity

Heinz von Streisenberger, Regius Professor of Early Modern English History at Barchester University, and Theresa Buxley, Lecturer in History at Middleton University, are two distinguished historians of the English Civil war period. They have both studied the life and achievements of Oliver Cromwell closely. Below they summarise their views on this important historical figure.

(Note - These professors do not necessarily have any existence in the real world.)

Professor von Streisenberger:Dr Buxley:

Do these two pieces of writing say anything about the wider values and assumptions of the authors themselves?

Now, having looked at the section about Oliver Cromwell in the website, give YOUR opinion of where the truth lies! Why not use our scales to balance you arguments? here!

With a particular hero of yours in mind, perhaps even the person you prepared a presentation about in the previous activity, can you put arguments FOR and AGAINST them being considered a hero?

And finally, what about recording your own thoughts about your hero using Speech Maker?

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