History's HEROES?

What is a hero? section

What is a hero? section

Do you know any heroes?

You know the sort of thing....smart boots, tight-fitting body suit, cape, mask? Flies through the air at incredible speed rescuing people from imminent and dreadful death?

No? Hmm...neither do I. Maybe heroes don't really exist. Maybe they're just a figment of some cartoonist's imagination.

But hang on a moment....those people listed in the section of this site marked "Heroes?" - who are they? Apparently some people think THEY are heroes!

Let's look at them - yes: some of them did have smart boots: Nelson was an admiral of the British navy, and his uniform had very nice boots. Ooh, and a sword - Superman didn't have one of those! Nelson doesn't seem to have flown through the air very fast, but he DID rescue the entire nation at one or two points in his career (with the help of thousands of other people, but who's counting?).

What about others...Elizabeth Fry? Superwoman? Hmm, she doesn't look much like it, with her plain old gown and bonnet. Perhaps she was Supergran? No? Well, why do some people thing SHE was a hero? And Thomas Paine - he didn't get into fights - BASH! BAM! WALLOP! - he just wielded a pen - is that heroic?

So, what are heroes really like?

Here's a fun "starter" activity to get you thinking about heroes!

Build Your Own Hero

This is a fun activity, but one which we hope will get you thinking about heroes and heroic qualities.

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