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Your Heroes

The section "Your Heroes" can be used in History, English, Literacy, RE or Citizenship, at both KS 2 and 3.

Why use this section?

Usng this section will give pupils plenty of practice in enquiry skills, critical thinking and writing capabilities, at the same time as developing their knowledge and understanding of a subject.

What does this section offer? 

It allows pupils to put entries about heroes up on the site. They could write about a person whom they regard as a hero. This will give them plenty of practice in a range of skills, including enquiry, critical thinking and writing capabilities.

Why not...?

However, why not ask pupils to contribute an entry about a person they are not familiar with, from history, myth or RE? This will enhance their enquiry skills as well as developing their knowledge and understanding in these subjects.

For example, if the class is studying the Anglo-Saxons, pupils could contribute entries on key individuals from that period: St Augustine or one of the other pioneers of Christianity in England, or one of the Saxon or Viking kings like Alfred the Great, Edmund, Cnut or Harold II.

If studying the Tudors they could look at Henry VIII or one of his wives, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, or one of the explorers, such as Hawkins, Drake or Raleigh, or one of the great ministers of the age, such as Wolsey, Cromwell, Dudley or Cecil, or a writer such as Shakespeare, Marlow or Spencer.

If studying the Victorians, there are plenty of indivuals to choose from, from prime ministers to scientists, engineers, explorers, reformers, artists, writers and so on.

If the class does this, with each pupil or group of pupils taking a different "hero", once they have submitted their entries, they can then share with the class what researching their hero has taught them about the period under study. By listing the various points made by the pupils, the key characteristics of the period can be arrived at. This could form a summary of what the class has learned about the topic.

Pupils will gain practice in a range of skills, including enquiry, critical thinking and writing capabilities, as well as developing their knowledge of particular periods.


There is no facility for pupils to save their work before they submit it. So, to avoid frustration, please draw pupils' attention to the need for careful preparation prior to entering the information.

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