History's HEROES?

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The Heroine and the Holocaust

The Heroine and the Holocaust

This teaching idea is designed for use at KS 3 history.

Why use this unit?

Often, a good way into a topic is via one small section of it. This teaching idea provides just such an opportunity. In a terrible war, Poland's experience of World War 2 was uniquely terrible - a quarter of its population perished.

Taking a closer look at Poland is instructive in itself, and also provides a jumping-off point for a broader study of the war years.

What does this unit do?

Irena Sendlerowa's story is one of great humanity and courage; however, it also shines a bright light on a dark period of history.

The following questions and activities will encourage pupils to think about what she did whilst, at the same time, learning more about the bigger historical picture.

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