History's HEROES?

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How many ways?

How many ways?

This teaching idea can be used in History and/or Citizenship at KS 3.

Why use this unit?

For history, it offers an excellent way of reviewing the history of England as a whole, and for citizenship, it provides many examples of individuals who "made a difference".

What does this unit  do?

It asks pupils to look at all the heroes listed in the section "Heroes?", and encourages them to think of the many different ways people can make a difference in society.

If using this unit for reviewing the history of England as a whole, a good time to do so might be at the end of KS3, for reviewing what the pupils have learnt about English history over KS2 and 3. In looking at the lives of these historical figures, such a survey would also take in issues of cause and consequence, and the role and significance of individuals.

For Citizenship, the site explores the motivations of a range of individuals who make a difference, and asks what prepared them for this role, and what they did in fact achieve (for good or ill).

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