History's HEROES?

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There are many ways that this site can be used with your pupils. Taking the main sections in turn:

Each of the heroes whose lives and backgrounds are given here has an activity in which pupils are asked the question, "Was He/She a Hero?". There is also a facility for pupils to add their own work.

Most of the units in the Teaching ideas draw on the entries for one or more of these heroes.


What is a hero?
This section contains a number of learning units, designed to prompt pupils to analyse wider issues around questions of fame, celebrity, self-sacrifice and plain good citizenship.

Relevant teaching suggestions are given in Teaching ideas, under the heading What is a hero?


Your Heroes
The section enables pupils to put their own entries up on the site. This will help them to develop a range of skills, including enquiry, critical thinking and writing capabilities, as well as developing their knowledge of particular personalities - historical or present-day - and their backgrounds. The following Teaching ideas also reference this section:

Your heroes



This section of the site links to a number of learning tools on the E2BN site. Clicking here will take you to some teaching ideas based on these tools.

Also, the following teaching ideas make use of the tool Speech Maker:

2 Strong Women

Great campaigners


For the site's relevance to the National Curriculum in England, please see the Curriculum mapping area in this Teachers' section.

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