History's HEROES?

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Welcome to the History's Heroes teaching area

If there ever was a site for learning AND personal development, this is it!

It will provoke your pupils to think, reflect, analyse, discuss, debate and write. It will enrich many areas of the curriculum, at both key stages 2 and 3: Citizenship, PHSE, RE and, of course, History, but also Literacy, English and ICT.

The ‘heroes' on this site cover over 2000 years of history. They lived in a variety of different periods, and struggled with very different dilemmas. In fact, the heroes themselves come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes - and some of them you may not regard as heroes at all!
What did they achieve? What difficulties did they face? What obstacles did they surmount? Why did they do what they did? Are they really heroes? All these questions, and more, are dealt with in this site and, in tackling them, pupils will also learn more about their own values and motivations.

In this Teachers' area you'll find ideas and activities to help you make the most of the site's abundant resources. You will of course adapt them for your own purposes and circumstances, and very likely develop completely new ideas and resources. If you do - we'd love to hear from you!

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