Were these people Heroes? Or were they just normal people, in some cases just doing their jobs?

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Date Name (ordered by name)
Alan Turing
The father of Computer Science dies in tragic circumstances.
The father of modern computing, whose work may have shortened WW2 by almost two years. 

1912 - 1954
Anne Askew
A woman of principle who refuses to implicate others
Anne is willing to die for her beliefs, but she refuses to name her accomplices, despite being tortured on the rack. She is burnt as a heretic.

1521 - 1546
A great leader and brave warrior helps to unite England
A clever tactician and warrior, fearlessly leading the battle against the Danes, the founder of many great castles and abbeys ...‘The Lady of the Mercians'

872 - 918
Boudica - The queen is revolting
Queen of the Iceni, rebels against the occupying forces of the Romans.  

- 60 or 61
Edith Cavell
An ordinary nurse becomes a nation's heroine!
Edith Cavell was an ordinary nurse who became a national heroine during World War 1 by helping soldiers escape from captivity; she was executed for this by the German authorities.

1865 - 1915
Elizabeth Fry
Helping society's outcasts and poor
Elizabeth Fry worked tirelessly to improve conditions for the poor and, in particular, to make the treatment of prisoners more humane.

1780 - 1845
Harriet Martineau
Pioneering feminist and social scientist
An unconventional thinker and writer on many subjects, and one of the pioneers of modern sociology

1802 - 1876
Horatio Nelson
Naval hero gives his life for his country at the moment of victory
Naval hero who gave his life for his country at the moment of victory

1758 - 1805
Irena Sendlerowa
A woman of extraordinary courage helps save 2,500 children
This extraordinarily brave woman helps rescue Jewish children in Warsaw during the Holocaust of WW2.

1910 - 2008
Noor Inayat Khan
Working for the Secret Service in WW2
Secret Agent in occupied France sends back vital transmissions until she is captured, interrogated and finally executed. 

1914 - 1944
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell - England's dictator champions liberty
The only dictator England has had worked to build a just, tolerant and free country.

1599 - 1658
Princess Sophia Duleep Singh
A champion in the cause of women's rights
Princess Sophia Alexandra Duleep Singh was a suffragette who took a leading role in the Women's Tax Resistance League.

1876 - 1948
Thomas Fowell Buxton
Working to end slavery
Thomas Fowell Buxton worked tirelessly to end slavery within the British empire and to improve conditions for Britain's colonial subjects.

1786 - 1845
Thomas Paine
The man who put Human Rights on the map!
A writer and revolutionary, whose legacy contributes to furthering; liberty, democracy, human rights and justice.  

1737 - 1809
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