History's HEROES? 1876 - 1948

Princess Sophia Duleep Singh

Should Princess Sophia Duleep Singh be considered a hero?

Arguments for
  • She was willing to act on her beliefs. Despite being a princess, she sold Suffragette newspapers personally.
    She would often be seen standing outside Hampton Court in west London selling The Suffragette, the newspaper of the movement, and would also travel around the London theatres by horse and cart selling her paper to the theatre-goers.
  • She was brave; she risked injury, demonstrating as a member of the Suffragette Movement.
    Sophia became a member of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). Together with Mrs Pankhurst and others, she went to the House of Commons on 18th November 1910 (Black Friday) when many of the women were seriously hurt.
  • She was willing to stand up and be counted even if this meant having a criminal record.
    Princess Sophia refused to pay taxes to the crown, stating "I am unable to pay money to the state, as I am not allowed to exercise any control over its expenditure..." She was fined. When she refused to pay, the bailiffs visited her house
Arguments against
  • She did not experience any real hardship.
    When her jewellery was seized for non-payment of taxes, her friends bought it back for her when it was auctioned.

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