History's HEROES? 1780 - 1845

Elizabeth Fry

Elizabeth's rules for her own behaviour

May 8th, 1798, Elizabeth records in her journal some rules for herself:

I want to set myself in good order for much time is lost and many evils committed by not having some regular plan of conduct; I make these rules for myself:

First - Never lose any time; I do not think that lost which is spent in amusement or recreation, sometime everyday; but always be in the habit of being employed.

Second - Never err the least in truth.

Third - Never say an ill thing of a person, when I can say a good thing; not only speak charitably, but feel so.

Fourth - Never be irritable nor unkind to any body.

Fifth - Never indulge myself in luxuries that are not necessary.

Sixth - Do all things with consideration, and when my path to act right is most difficult, feel confidence in that thy power alone is able to assist me, and exert my own powers as far as they go.

Description: Extract from the diary of Elizabeth Fry
Date: 8/5/1798
Source: Norwich Millennium Library holds a complete diary of Elizabeth Fry that can be viewed on microfilm by the public.   

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