History's HEROES? 1865 - 1915

Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell - Key facts

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1865 December 4th - Edith Cavell is born.
1890 Edith becomes a governess to a family in Brussels, Belgium.
1896 Edith starts training as a nurse.
1907 Edith becomes the matron at a new school for nurses, set up near Brussels.
1914 Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated in Bosnia - this event starts World War 1.
August 4th - Germany invades Belgium so Britain declares war on Germany.
Edith's hospital is taken over by the Red Cross.
Autumn - Edith hides two Allied soldiers in her school. She joins other people helping Allied soldiers to get out of Belgium.
1915 Edith helps more than 200 men to escape.
August - Edith is arrested by the Germans who say she is guilty of treason.
October 12th - Edith is shot for treason. The world is shocked.
1917 USA declares war on Germany.
1918 World War 1 ends.
1919 Edith's body is brought back to England to be buried near her home in Norwich.
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