History's HEROES? 872 - 918


Æthelflæd - Key facts

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872 Æthelflæd is born in Wessex. Her father, King Alfred, is fighting the Vikings
886 Alfred captures London and gives it back to the Mercians. They make an alliance.
887 Æthelflæd, aged 15, is given in marriage to the Mercian lord Æthelred. She has learnt to plan and fight from her father. They help Alfred fight the Vikings.
895 Æthelflæd's brother Edward has a son, Athelstan. When he is older he comes to his aunt to be trained in weapons and planning.
896 The Vikings leave and Alfred becomes King of all Anglo-Saxons
899 King Alfred dies and Edward is crowned king.
902 Æthelred becomes ill. Æthelflæd takes over running Mercia.
905 Æthelflæd defeats the Vikings at Chester. She makes the town defenses much stronger.
910 Æthelflæd and the Mercians join with Edward's Wessex forces and win a big battle against the Vikings at Tettenhall.
911 Æthelred dies. Æthelflæd now runs Mercia alone. The people call her the 'Lady of the Mercians'.
917 By now, Æthelflæd has built a lot of forts to protect the borders of Mercia and won many battles against the Vikings.
917-18 Æthelflæd captures the Viking stronghold of Derby. She is fair to the people, so Leicester gives in to her armies as well.
918 Æthelflæd dies at Tamworth - before the message reaches her, that York is ready to surrender to her.
954 Athelstan, whom Æthelflæd trained, unites England and becomes King.
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