History's HEROES? 1521 - 1546

Anne Askew

Anne Askew - Key facts

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1509 Henry VIII crowned King of England.
1521 Anne Askew is born in South Kelsey.
1533 King Henry VIII divorces Catherine of Aragon and marries Anne Boleyn.
1536 Anne, aged 15, is forced to marry Thomas Kyme.
1541 Anne's father dies.
1543 King Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr.
1544 Thomas Kyme gets very angry with Anne's deep religious feelings and throws her out.
1545 Anne stays in London with Protestant friends and gives out bibles.
Anne is arrested, questioned and kept in prison for 11 days. She writes about what happens to her. Then her husband is ordered to take her home.
1546 Anne escapes and goes back to London. She is arrested again but answers questions very cleverly.
Anne is arrested again and this time, she is condemned to death for heresy. She writes about it all again.
Anne is tortured on the rack in the Tower of London to give names of other people. She says nothing. She cannot walk any more.
Anne is carried to the stake and burnt alive in front of a big crowd.
1547 Her writings about her prison, questioning and torture are published for other Protestants to read.
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