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Princess Sophia Duleep Singh

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1876 August 8th - Princess Sophia Duleep Singh is born in Elveden Hall, Norfolk. Queen Victoria is her godmother.
1889 Emmeline Pankhurst starts a group for women wanting the right to vote.
1903 The suffragette movement (WSPU) is formed to fight for the right to vote.
1909 Princess Sophia joins the suffragettes.
1910 'Black Friday' - Sophia marches with other women to go to see their MPs at the House of Commons. Many women are hurt by the police trying to stop them.
1911 Sophia decides not to pay her taxes because she is not allowed to vote. In May, she is taken to court.
July - Bailiffs come to her house and take her diamond ring to pay for her taxes.
1913 Suffragette, Emily Davison walks in front of the king's horse to protest. She is killed.
In November, Sophia is taken to court again. She still refuses to pay her taxes because she is not allowed to vote.
1914 World War 1 starts in August.
1915 Sophia joins in the march to allow women to work so men can fight.
1918 Some women over 30 get the vote.
1928 All women and men over 21 get the vote.
1948 Princess Sophia dies.
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