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Boudica - Key facts

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43 AD A large Roman Army invades Britain. Some tribes, like the Iceni, make friends with the Romans.
49 - 60 AD Boudica marries Prasutagus, king of the Iceni. They have two daughters.
60 AD Prasutagus dies. He leaves half of his wealth to Roman emperor Nero and the other half to his daughters.
The Romans decide to take all Prasutagus' wealth. Boudica protests.
Boudica is whipped in public and her young daughters are beaten and abused.
Boudica calls an army together from the Iceni and their neighbours, the Trinovantes.
60 - 61 AD Boudica's army destroys Colchester, London and St. Albans, killing 80,000 people.
61 AD The Roman governor marches his Army back from Wales and chooses a place for battle in the Midlands.
Boudica's army marches to the battlefield with lots of their families in wagons.
Despite being much larger, Boudica's army is defeated by the better Roman soldiers. They cannot even run away: all the wagons stop them. 80,000 are killed.
Boudica and her daughters take poison so they are not captured alive. The Romans stay in Britain for 350 years.
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