History's HEROES? 1914 - 1944

Noor Inayat Khan

Views and opinions
Assistant Section Officer INAYAT-KHAN displayed the most conspicuous courage, both moral and physical over a period of more than 12 months."
George Cross citation 1949
Her transmissions were flawless, with all their security checks intact.
Leo Marks, cryptographer
..no one had mentioned Noor's extraordinary beauty
Leo Marks, cryptographer, on first meeting Noor
Not overburdened with brains but has worked hard and shown keenness, apart from some dislike of security side of the course. She has an unstable and temperamental personality and it is very doubtful whether she is really suited to work in the field.
SOE Trainers, in the margin Colonel Buckmaster in charge of the SOE had written - 'Nonsense' 1943
Noor's vision and courage are inspirational
Shrabani Basu, historian and biographer
Above all she was definitely a very brave lady. It was extremely tricky operating under the noses of the Germans.”
Bob Maloubier, French refugee trained at Baker Street
I find myself constantly remembering her with a curious and very personal vividness which outshines the rest. The small, still features, the dark, quiet eyes, the soft voice and the fine spirit glowing in her.
Captain Selwyn Jepson, the novelist-turned-spy who first interviewed Noor for SOE
She was a paradox. She was sensitive, a lover of music and poetry, a musician and writer of children’s stories. Yet she was terribly strong-willed and prepared to risk her life for a cause; she was fighting for an ideal, like so many others at that time.
David Harper, Noor's nephew, as reported to the Times Newspaper
Nothing, neither her nationality, nor the traditions of her family, none of these obliged her to take her position in the war. However, she chose it. It is our fight that she chose, that she pursued with an admirable, an invincible courage.
General de Gaulle's niece, Madame de Gaulle-Anthonioz, at a memorial service in Paris
I wish some Indians would win high military distinction in this war. It would help to build a bridge between the English and the Indians.
Noor Inayat Khan
Her unworldliness will be her undoing - she was born for sacrifice.
Noor's brother talking to her friend Jean
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