History's HEROES? 872 - 918


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The Yorkists has also promised and confirmed, some by agreement and some with oaths that they would be in her interest
Mercian register describing how the Vikings were ready to surrender to Æthelflæd. 918 918
The record of the fortresses which she built for the protection of Mercia shows that she had an eye for country, and the ability to forecast the movements of her enemies
Sir Frank Stenton, professor of history, "Anglo-Saxon England" 1943
This year Æthelflæd, lady of the Mercians, with the help of God, before Lammas [1st August], conquered the town called Derby, with all that thereto belonged; and there were also slain four of her thegns, that were most dear to her, within the gates
Mercian register in the entry for 917
... But very soon after they had done this, she died at Tamworth, twelve days before midsummer, the eighth year of her having rule and right lordship over the Mercians; and her body lies at Gloucester, within the east porch of St. Peter's church
Mercian register
This spirited heroine assisted her brother greatly with her advice; she was of equal service in building cities, nor could you easily discern whether it were more owing to fortune or her own exertions, that a woman should be able to protect men at home, and to intimidate them abroad
William of Malmesbury, "Gesta Regum Angelorum" 1143 circa
Famosissima Regina Saxonium (A most famous Queen of the Saxons)
Annuls of Ulster, June 918
...came Æthelflæd lady of the Mercians, on the holy eve called the invention of the holy cross, to Scergeat, and built the fortress there, and the same year that at Bridgnorth
The Mercian Register
This year Æthelflæd got into her power, with God's assistance, in the early part of the year, without loss, the town of Leicester; and the greater part of the army that belonged thereto submitted to her. And the Yorkists had also promised and confirmed, some by agreement and some with oaths, that they would be in her interest...
The Mercian Register in the entry for the year 918
... Æthelflæd, sister of the king and widow of Æthelred, ought not to be forgotten, as she was a powerful accession to his (Edward's) party, the delight of his subjects, the dread of his enemies; a woman of an enlarged soul...
William of Malmesbury, "Gesta Regum Angelorum" 1143 circa
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