History's HEROES? 1876 - 1948

Princess Sophia Duleep Singh

Views and opinions
Taxation without representation is a tyranny... I am unable to pay money to the state, as I am not allowed to exercise any control over its expenditure...
Princess Sophia Duleep Singh's response in court to being accused of not paying her taxes
Do Princess Sophia Duleep Singh and Princess Catherine Duleep Singh, and Lady Wolsey, all of whom have enjoyed the hospitality of the King at Hampton Court Palace, approve of the burning of that historic residence, which has been marked for destruction for some time? Princess Sophia Duleep Singh and Princess Catherine Duleep Singh are housed as the King's guests at Hampton Court Palace, yet the Princess has given £51 and collected £6 7s in the last year to aid a union many members of which intend to burn Hampton Court Palace at the first opportunity.
Article in 'The Standard' 9th June 1914
The Princess was such a pleasant and kind lady. Here I was living in a most splendid house. On our birthday Princess Sophia would lay on a big spread and we were allowed to invite our friends from the school.
Shirley Phimister (nee Sarbutt), wartime evacuee
Princess Sophia went as far as to sell the Suffragette newspaper at the gates of the palace.
Gurinder Chadha, film director
Sophia Duleep Singh is a Great woman not just because of her substantial role as an activist in the women's rights movement but for the serene and determined face of resistance and resolution she brought forward out of all the humiliation, violence and abuse of her colonial history.
'Great Women of Punjabi Origin', Uddari Weblog
We thought she was absolutely wonderful. She was a nice looking lady... We count it as a very very happy time in our lives.
Shirley Phimister (nee Sarbutt), wartime evacuee
Sophia Duleep Singh was a very determined lady and she decided that her job was not done until every woman, regardless of their status, was actually able to vote.
Sarah Parker, Curator of Hampton Court Palace
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