History's HEROES? Activities



In this activity you decide which of the heroes on the website would act heroically in the different periods, and which would not. 



In the activity you will find

  • The names of the people whose entries are in the section, Heroes?
  • An outline descriptions of different kinds of historical periods. 

You decide which 'heroes' would act heroically in the different periods, and which would not. Some heroes might end up in more than one period, and some periods might end up with more than one person.

Please remember that this is not meant to be accurate, and there are no "right" answers - the idea is to get you thinking but be prepared to give reasons for your choices!

When you've done the activity, think about the following questions:

  • Are there some periods which appear more than others
  • Did any of our heroes live in a period that is NOT listed here? 
  • Which heroes, if any, would be useful today do you think: How, and where, might they be helpful?

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